exploring the relationships between music and spirituality

  • A couple of questions

    Have you ever heard someone talk about music moving them? What does that even mean? Does listening to music actually have the power to change people? and what kind of power would that be? Are the inside of our cars and headphones the biggest gig venues around now? and what is that doing to us?

    On Sunday June 11th 2017 the BEAR club in Luton kindly hosted an evening run by a few people to explore these questions. SOUNDED was an event combining live music from brilliant musicians with some of life's larger questions all in the best music venue Luton has to offer.


    What we really want to know is if there are more people who are interested in the idea? We wanted to begin a discussion about how music interacts with the questions we live with. Perhaps we could grow something together?

  • Video


    A patchy video from Sunday 11th June 2017. Gives a gist though

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